Research vessel


The association develops its activity mainly around the MAKTUB, a sailing catamaran vessel, model Catana 471 (14.30 meters length) with a capacity for up to 12 people crew. The catamaran is the main work and research platform, and it is based in the Club Nàutic Vilanova harbour (Barcelona).

The boat is fully equipped with all the necessary and required tools to perform the research activities needed, including: acoustic hydrophone towed equipment, HD video systems (both flying and submarine), and diving equipment among others.

Moreover, it is intended to implement in our equipment a thermal image camera able to detect the whales’ presence (as well as other cetaceans) in the area surrounding the boat, whether it is daylight or night. In fact, we trust that this system will become an innovative technology in monitoring cetaceans.

Edmaktub currently uses the latest technology in unmanned aircrafts and multicopters (Drones) to monitor and imaging, while receiving video live.


Equipment on board

Scientific equipment consists primarily of a computer system that, while centralizing all navigation functions, is the basis of storage and processing of all data obtained, both by personal sightings and with the acoustic equipment.

The acoustic system consists of a line of hydrophones towed with a 100 m cable ready to capture the sounds that exist in the marine environment and especially those produced by cetaceans. This allows recording in digital format and further study and, at the same time, real time use in locating individuals that make sounds with the computer system.

As part of the scientific equipment we also have all the technical material that allows the collection of samples for further laboratory study.

All activities are registered by video and photography. The video equipment, of a professional DVCAM quality and that includes a housing for underwater filming, allows images captured being part of the results of ongoing research, as well as of reports that, due to their quality and interest, are of great audiovisual usefulness for spreading of the marine environment. Furthermore, the incorporation in recent years of Valeria (experienced video-reporter) to the EDMAKTUB team increases the possibilities of filming and especially image treatment and post-production.

The MAKTUB is equipped with a modern GPS and a depth sounder, both connected to the computer system of the boat, which gives us a great precision for the geographical location of places and animals studied. The boat has also a complete general navigation system, including radio, radar, autopilot and meters (sliding and weathervane / anemometer).

Dedication to the aquatic environment of our organization makes it necessary the presence in the MAKTUB of complete diving equipment for researchers. This equipment consists of an air compressor for the filling of cylinders and six scuba diving equipments with all accessories needed for this activity at a professional level and completely autonomous. Moreover this equipment is ready and incorporates the material needed for teaching diving and its implementation from the first steps. Along with the diving equipment there is also a semi-rigid dinghy that, while serving for animal tracking, assists the divers during inmersions.



Parallel to that, Edmaktub has the possibility of using a plane rental Cessna 172R for research flights, also framed within the study project of cetaceans as CETCAT.