EDMAKTUB Association

EDMAKTUB is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the study, dissemination, and conservation of the marine environment and specialized in cetacean (dolphins and whales) research.

EDMAKTUB is mainly dedicated to conducting scientific research projects, but we also run education programs to increase the knowledge people have of the marine environment. We carry out both independent research and collaborations with other organizations or research groups who are also work to learn and preserve the marine environment and its rich biodiversity, especially marine mammals, in order to develop more efficient conservation methods.


Founded in 2000, Edmaktub association is the only permanent field based platform for the study of cetaceans in the South of Catalonia, operating in this area (Balearic Sea) since 2010. The team is formed by a group of experts from different fields: veterinarians, biologists and experts in the audiovisual field. We have broad experience carrying out studies and projects in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic (Canary Islands), as well as in the Caribbean (Cuba).



  • The study of the aquatic environment, mainly seas and oceans, focusing our attention in the study of marine mammals.


  • The study impact of human activities on marine habitats, particularly those where marine mammals are present.


  • Public outreach activities on the existing scientific knowledge of the marine environment and marine animals.


  • Defend the marine environment and its inhabitants against human impacts, in accordance to progress and from a scientific point of view, through a sustainable development approach.